{Quick Tip} Minimum privileges required to install Dynamics CRM On-Premise

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Just finished installing CRM on-premise and was trying to document minimum privileges required to install CRM here.


The minimum permissions/rights for a user which can act as deployment manager, that is he/she is able to Create, import, Enable, disable and edit an organization are as follows:

I have breakdown required permissions component wise.

SQL Server:

On the computer that is running Microsoft SQL Server, the user must be a member of the following groups:

  • The local administrators group
  • The Microsoft SQL Server administrator group (i.e,SysAdmin)

Reporting Server:

On the computer that is running SQL Server Reporting Services, the user must have the following minimum privileges:

  • Content Manager Role privileges at the root folder level
  • System Administrator privileges at the site-wide setting level

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server:

On the computer where deployment manager is installed the user must be member of following group:

  • The local administrators group
  • Add the user as a deployment administrator.

Active Directory service:

The user must have permissions in the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM security groups in Active Directory:

  • PrivReportingGroup
  • PrivUserGroup
  • SQLAccessGroup
  • ReportingGroup
  • UserGroup   

       Below are the required permissions in the security groups:

  • Permissions
    • Read
    • Write
    • Add/Remove self as member
  • Advanced permissions
    • List Contents
    • Read All Properties
    • Write All Properties
    • Read Permissions
    • Modify Permissions
    • All Validated Writes
    • Add/Remove self as member

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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