Monday vs Keap for a financial solutions services company.

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Have you had experience with either? I like the UI of Keap a lot, but the workflow management option Monday has in addition to their CRM platform is a plus. We’ve looked at several other but narrowed it down to these two.

We are a company providing tax, bookkeeping, fractional CFO, and M&A services to small and medium businesses. Here are our needs:

  • not cost prohibitive (EDITED: we have 6 employees including myself and plan to hire more in the next few months. Would need 3 seats for the app)
  • ability to easily get to contact information (mtg notes, names, etc).
  • ability to set notifications or do quick searches (e.g. whose birthday is coming up?)
  • Lead generation and marketing (campaigns, marketing management, scheduled and targeted emails)
  • manage Partnerships that bring in leads
  • Marketing/event ROI analytics
  • Prospect tracking and analytics: percentage of contacts to sales conversions, HOW the client was gained (referral, website, etc)
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Assigned tasks to team, possible google calendar integration
  • Something that will grow with the company

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