Whip Up a Dreamy Holiday with a Sprinkle of Locational Smartness

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“Tom! Watch out!”, Noa screamed with a glass of water in hand. Tom, engrossed in his phone was about to ram into Noa. Tom apologized, and the two headed to their desks. “What were you so busy in, Tom? Are you addicted to a certain 60-second content”, nudged Noa playfully. Tom laughed, “My parents are at a Holiday Resort for a pre-Christmas vacation. They shall be visiting me tomorrow. So, I was sharing turn-by-turn driving directions with them. I get stressed when they travel by road, so was making sure their lunch and coffee places along the route are sorted.” “Now that’s a good plan. Let me guess, you used Maplytics, our geo-mapping app again?” asked Noa. “Yep! I checked out restaurants and cafes along their travel route, selected a few, and plotted the optimized routes with travel directions. Now there are proper directions on our phones.”, confirmed Tom.

At the sight of Tom, Tisha said, “I was hoping you would be here before our workday begins. Remember how you taught us the use of Maplytics for Christmas prep, I’d mentioned travel vacation then. My husband and I and 3 other couples are keen on a short road trip around Boston post-Christmas. The car rental company plotted the last time is being considered. Can you help me plot other stuff with Maplytics? Like good resorts in the Boston area, etc. so that I can book everything before the holiday rush?”

Tom gushed happily, “Sure Tish, I know how badly you need this vacation. Let’s begin.” They huddled at Tom’s system, he selected a location near Boston as the place of interest and plotted the nearby resorts. All the resort records available in their Dynamics 365 CRM were displayed along with their details, websites, etc. They checked through them with Tisha finalizing one.

After a few minutes of R&D, Tisha and her family were set for a vacation! “Guess what, one of my brothers-in-law is a Dynamics user. He works in Valencia and can decide to get a Maplytics license from his company. Can he access Maplytics in Spanish?”, Tisha asked. “Definitely! Maplytics is available in 11 global languages, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Dutch, Arabic, Polish, and Russian along with English. He will be fine to use it across devices if he gets the license”, Tom assured.

Noa received an official mail. It was from their Marketing Head about a plan to visit orphanages and old age homes around the office two days after Christmas and the team members were asked for suggestions. He showed it to Tom and Tisha and suggested trying out Maplytics for the same.

Using their office location as the Point Of Interest, Tom plotted the orphanages and old age homes nearby. They then created a consolidated report of the places, directions, et al, and shared it with their Head. “It would be great to spend time with these kids this season. I’ll get my nieces too, for caroling”, smiled Noa.

As the trio settled, Tom got a mail from the Manager again. It was informing the arrival of their CMO for the Old Age Home and the Orphanage visits. His arrival time and date were mentioned and Tom was asked to take care of the hotel reservations. The CMO was expecting to stay near the office as he had a meeting with a star client on one of the days, Tom plotted the hotels around the office, checked availability, and shared the available options with the Manager. He also attached an optimized route with turn-by-turn navigation from the Airport to the hotel options for convenience.

Tom proudly said, “I use Maplytics for the company, every day and it adds to our productivity and growth. But using it for Christmas activities has given me a different sense of joy and satisfaction”. “Indeed Tommy. It is an all-inclusive product. I’ll be introducing it to my cousin who owns a business operation of her own. It’ll help her with logistics at a reasonable cost”, added Noa. “Indeed, the power of location intelligence at your fingertips”, concluded Tisha.

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There is a lot to explore about the outstanding unique features of Maplytics and a proper trial will help in realizing it! You can write to us at crm@inogic.com  for your mapping queries, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

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