Wanna Go Global! I have a CRM which has loads of Clients in Singapore

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Hi I look after Development and Growth of flavorcrm.com

I was hoping to get some solid tips on how I can make it reach masses outside Singapore. We have been widely adopted by the training and education sector. We have other industries as well but to cater to training centres we have created Session Scheduling and Booking System as well.

With feedback from customers the system has become powerful to the point that we now POS option, Media Management, Mobile App Ecosystem and more.

We have solid integration with products like Xero, Quickbooks, Stripe, Omise, Sendgrid, Twilio, Zoom, WhatsApp and more…

I am in talks with VCs to raise funds and get their resources but it's gonna be time consuming for them to get back to me.

We are also on various product marketplaces as well like capterra, prodcut hunt, SaaSworthy, G2

I am looking forward to your responses. Also keen on creating a community for Flavor CRM who would care about its growth and development plans.

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