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Hey CRM Experts.

I have a client that has a brick and mortar/internet hybrid business. (Think high end personal training)

  1. All of their leads come in via the internet (From a form fill).
  2. They call the leads and set an appointment manually.
  3. Then, in a Google sheet they mark if the lead showed up or not.
  4. Lastly, in a separate Google sheet, they mark if the lead signed up for the package.

They have 4 physical locations. So extrapolate those multiple Google Sheets x 4 locations.

This gets messy quick as you can imagine.

I'm taking the initiative to make their life easier, which in turn will make my service more effective.

They have the money to invest in a tool, but want something simple. These are not technical people.

So I think salesforce might be too much for them.

Any recommendations?

Ideally the CRM would house the lead (From a form embedded in a html or wordpress site)

Then the sales person can mark whether they scheduled to come in or not.

Lastly, the sales person can mark if they showed up to their appointment and if they bought or rejected the offer.

It would also be nice to be able to plug in a SMS service to remind them of appointments, nurture, etc.

CRM is not my expertise, I a simply a marketer. I am overwhelming them with good leads right now, but it's getting messy fast.

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