Recommendations on CRM for a Non-For-Profit Organisation

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Hi Team,

I am based in Australia and have been asked by a connection of mine for recommendations of CRM software for the non for profit sector?

This particular organisation's mission is to help young disadvantage youth.

They mentioned they are hoping for a CRM that can do the following:

Core CRM: They can each kid as a contact they're helping and keep track of each kid

Donor: Ability to store the information on their donors (and bonus points handle the actual donations as well)

Communications: Integrate various solutions to be able to send out emails and text messages to various audiences within the CRM (The kids or donors or other audiences)

I know the CRM I use can do all of the above, but I am not a CRM guy, so I figured I'd reach out to the experts and see what's out there?

Edit: Apologies, I missed some context. My business is in tech, providing outsourced IT infrastructure support and cyber security. I have a connection who I used to work with reach out to me asking about CRM.

CRM is not a strong point of mine.

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