8 important factors to consider in website designing and development

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Website designing and development is one of the rapidly growing markets of all time. No matter how big or small your brand is, having a website builds credibility and legitimates your brand. Nowadays, if a startup or a business doesn’t have a website it’s simply considered unedentical and unethical. The significance of why a business needs a website requires no explanation as everyone knows the positive impact it has on revenues and sales. However, 57% of web visitors state that they won’t approve or choose a business that has a poor interface. Therefore, it is of utmost eminence to consider developing a website that is responsive and compelling. 

Essential factors to consider in website design and development

Whether it is the appearance of your application or functionality or code integrity, a lot goes into creating a user-friendly web page. Websites must be carefully curated keeping in mind search engines, customer engagement and much more. Moreover, studies suggest that more than 38% of visitors stop interacting with a website if the design or content is not attractive and engaging. Here are the essential factors that must be contemplated while designing and developing a website. 

Subtle aesthetics

Aesthetics refers to the visual appearance of your web front. In a way, the aesthetics you choose lays out an overview of different components such as buttons, images, icons, fonts, colors and much more. Studies suggest that web interface aesthetics play a major role in fostering interest among customers and encouraging them to visit it more often. Therefore, a clean and subtle design must be created during the process of website design. 

Innovative color schemes

Innovative and concise color schemes improve the user experience in many ways because of the psychological urge of the human brain to sight colors on a glazing surface. On the contrary, using too many colors can spoil the design as well as the user experience. The four most trending color schemes you can choose from are:

  • Monochromatic color schemes
  • Analogous color schemes
  • Triadic color schemes
  • Complementary colors

Sturdy backend

Backend encompasses crucial things like middleware, database and servers. Moreover, it delegates the main functioning of a webpage. Website design and development is almost impossible without a sturdy program taking care of the backend part. A strong backend acts as a foundation for the design and development of the website. If the backend is not functional, the entire website will fall apart. 

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility or cross-browser compatibility is defined as the ability of a webpage to support multiple web browsers identically. It is an extremely important factor in the website development and design process as nowadays multiple browsers are availed for web surfing and all of them operate on different standards. Websites are usually designed keeping in mind a singular internet browser but with the technological expansion, it is vital that a website has compatibility with multiple browsers. Cross-platform compatibility aids in reaching a higher audience. 

User-friendly navigation

Navigation in web browsers refers to the act of clicking and surfing through the resources or services on a website. Users navigate web pages with the help of a web browser and click on desired links that transport them to other web pages. User-friendly navigation is a must because if the users find navigation confusing, they’ll leave your website and never return back. Here are a few things you can do to improve your website navigation:

  • Keeping it consistent in a hierarchy 
  • Using precise navigation titles
  • Dividing services into categories
  • Making it manageable
  • Creating navigation elements into clickable links
  • Including a sitemap

Call to action

Call to action is a vital factor in web designing and development as it helps in telling users what to do next on a webpage. Visitors may struggle and get confused while purchasing a product or service without clear CTAs. Moreover, the call to action also encourages users to take some specific kind of action such as Signing up or Buying now. These buttons or hyperlinks take them directly to the signing up page or the payment page on a website. Here are some examples of widely used CTAs:

  • Learn more 
  • Click here
  • Download
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Log in
  • Add to cart
  • Pay now

Quick loading time

Performance as well as speed plays a huge role in the design and development of a website and impact heavily on search engine rankings. The loading speed of a website is influenced by certain aspects such as hosting server, bandwidth transit, web page design, rower type and much more. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize the website accordingly. 

Slow loading times often aggravate users while surfing for information online and studies suggest that 40% of customers won’t wait for more than three seconds before abandoning a web page. Thus, the two to three-second mark is a turning point that aids in skyrocketing bounce rates. 

SEO friendly code

Search engine optimization paves the way to get the best ranking for your website on the internet. A higher ranking accelerates the possibility of your website getting more visitors. It is simply a widely used practice to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your webpage through organic search engine results. Therefore, curating your website code to be SEO-friendly helps in making informed decisions and offering better services to your targeted audience.

Customer testimonials

One of the most negligible factors when it comes to website design and development is customer testimonials or offsite reviews. Positive customer testimonials establish a sense of reliability and credibility to your webpage. They not only add content to your webpage but also makes potential customers believe in your business or brand. Moreover, collecting genuine and detailed testimonials from your loyal customer base helps in promoting your business positively. 

Privacy and security

Security breaches and threats have risen to a great extent and cause serious damage to the integrity of a webpage. Such threats can be malicious in nature and disrupt the design of a website. The aim of incorporating web privacy and security in websites is to prevent such threats and breaches. The more strong the web security is, the more protected your website is from unauthorized access. 

Closing word

In today’s technology-driven world, if you don’t have a website that is innovative, unique and functional, you’ll lose customers. Thus, it is crucial to deliver a user-friendly website to your targeted audience. You can always reach out to hire web developers that come along with extensive expertise and experience in your industry vertical. Whether you are refurnishing an existing website or creating an entirely new website for your business, you must consider these factors to enhance your web design and development process.

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