KwikTag is offering a KwikStart trial for Microsoft Dynamics users!

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The future is cloud-based, and that doesn’t just apply to ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the sudden upsurge in remote work spurred by COVID-19, organizations have realized the vital importance of making their documents remotely available. That’s why KwikTag has unveiled the 2020 KwikStart program, a free trial of their cloud-based document management solution

What is KwikTag?

KwikTag is a complete, transactional document management system that that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. The core value of the solution is the elimination of paper, the ability to capture any document, connectivity between departments, automatic document sorting and access to any document at any time.

What is the KwikStart Program?

To help new users get up and running with their cloud-based document management solution, KwikTag is offering a free trial! The trial includes:

  • 90-day free access
  • Up to 50 users
  • Ready to use within 10 days

This trial is available for

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • As a standalone solution

How does it work? And what’s included?

The KwikStart 90-day free trial requires no commitment or charge for software or hosting. After a one-time service fee of $3,000, you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of documents. While the base package includes up to 50 users, you can add more for an additional cost.

After the free trial ends, you’ll be able to continue using KwikTag by signing up for a 12-month contract with a minimum of 10 users.

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