CRM Recommendations for Med. Law Firm

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Howdy folks. Hope y'all are doing well. I am investigating CRM solutions for a 15-person law firm.

The firm handles a lot of short mostly-one-off consultations and does not need bloated practice management software (e.g., Clio, SmokeBall, etc.). They currently use an excel spreadsheet…

Yearly volume is about 9K paid consultations. Each consultation lasts ~15min. About 20% (1800) of consultations require follow-up. About 5% (600) consultations will turn into a long-term client matter that can be handled with existing infrastructure.


  • Collect client information

  • Track calls, emails, store documents (occasionally)

  • Build/administer a mailing list


  • Automate follow-ups

  • Solicit feedback

  • Collect electronic signatures

  • Invoicing

  • Payment collection

  • Compatible with WordPress for customer facing lead collection

Thank you in advance. I have been looking at SF (seems like an extreme option for the limited needs), Law Ruler (expensive but seems to cover needs), and PipeDrive (most affordable and appears to scale almost as well as SF).

Thank you in advance.

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