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LOL is an abbreviation for League of Legends. It is a site that has many Champions games that gamers love. It is the most sought account among gamers creating a risk for buyers to purchase from unwarranted and unsecured sites.

There are a number of legit places where one can buy a LOL account such as unrankedsmurfs among other platforms. This online site sells accounts that have buyer protection as their priority. Unlike other places, they provide full account details once a transaction is done.

Many people prefer this place because of the many benefits that it offers. These include;

  • Round-the-clock delivery

This online site is the best place to buy these accounts because they offer instant delivery any day, any time. While other places have faulty systems that make deliveries after a while, this site makes deliveries immediately after one has completed their purchase.

The time or the day of the week in which you placed an order does not matter. They have no time limits or days off. Their systems have been set up in such a manner that acts on purchases instantly without any delays.

Deliveries are made via emails and on screen too. Consider buying from unranked smurfs since their customer service is top tier. Read more here

  • Warranty

Would you rather have an account with a warranty for a certain period or one with a lifetime warranty? Any individual would choose a life warranty without a single doubt. A great support is offered to every individual using a smurfs league of legends account.

They are offered a lifetime warranty that is absolutely free. It means that should there be any challenges or problems, they can be easily corrected or fixed without any charges. An accounts holder is simply covered by the warranty should anything happen to the League of Legends.

  • Payment method

What is the payment method of the place you are buying the LOL from? Is it safe to use? You do not want to lose your money because there was a hitch during the transaction. Ensure the technology being used to make payments is advanced and secured.

An ideal place to buy ensures payment is done smoothly, safely and securely. Technological advancement saw a rise in hackers as well. Payments can be easily redirected to other channels by these hackers if the technology being used is not properly secured.

Buy from sites that have secure gateways in their technology to ensure transactions are safe and successful. Click here to read more.

  • Upgrades

Video games are played by people from different age groups and gender. The games are not limited to only a particular set of age groups. The target audience of these games spreads across teenagers, children, and adults.

This is one of the reasons that has pushed developers to ensure there are upgrades made to satisfy all the players. Each upgrade has an additional number of items or games in each package.

Even though upgraded packages are more expensive than the ordinary ones, they offer more advanced games and items.

  • Leveling up

Every gamer wants to level up quickly in every rank or game. Leveling up does not mean that you have to spend many hours in front of a screen playing. There is more to it than committing hours. It requires effort.

Having an ordinary account limits you to not being able to level up as fast as most top players. They do not have all the proper tools and items that can help you gain experience as you play different levels.

However, buying a Smurf will open these doors for you. You instantly get access to many features that give you all the experience you need for you to quickly level up.

  • Access to play in different regions

Video games are like stepping into a virtual world. A virtual world has no limits to access to different regions since everything is sort of unreal. The difference between smurfs and ordinary sites is that you are unable to play with gamers from different regions using an ordinary site.

Smurfs however allow you to play with people across the world. The only requirement is that you must be in at least level 30 to have the chance to switch up regions. Smurfs start from level 30 allowing you to change regions right from the start.

  • Play with any players

Many players, especially children and teenagers enjoy video games if they are playing against their friends. It is only natural to find that some friends are usually at a higher level compared to others.

This should however not stop those in higher ranks from playing with their friends in the lower ranks. It is for this reason that many consider this site. It allows players in higher levels to play with those on the lower levels.

There is absolutely no limitation as to who you want to play with despite their level. Read more here

  • Value for money

LOL Smurf accounts are relatively expensive compared to ordinary ones. Nonetheless, once bought, it saves the user from extra costs that would have otherwise been used with ordinary accounts.

Smurfs are packaged with many advanced tools and featured. A player does not start gaming from scratch here because of the rank it comes in.

Although expensive, it gives value to your money because you will not need to spend on updating features like those using ordinary sites. Leveling up is also cheaper and quite faster than using smurfs.


Video games are one of the ways in which people across the world socialize and make friends. Connections and relationships can be built just from a simple video game. It is essential to have a Smurf for you to keep in teaching and have a wonderful experience.

League of Legends is one of the most played games and many people do not mind spending money for them to get the best LOL accounts. As discussed above, unranked smurfs are one of the ideal places to buy a League of Legends.

The advantages discussed above should help you to weigh the best places to buy.

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