4 Tech Trends Changing The Trucking Industry

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4 Tech Trends Changing The Trucking Industry: As a truck driver, it is important that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to technology. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate now and transforming the trucking industry, so if you want to thrive and stand out from the competition, then you need to stay ahead of the curve and find ways to use the best and latest tech. Currently, there are a few tech trends in trucking that every driver should be aware of as they could help you to improve and achieve higher levels of success. Read on to discover the bigger tech trends in trucking in 2022.

1. Electric Trucks

Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream across the board and it is easy to see why, especially in a time when the cost of fuel is skyrocketing and shows no sign of coming down anytime soon. For a truck driver, an electric truck offers the chance to make huge, long-term savings while also reducing your environmental impact – this is important for a profession that involves being behind the wheel most of the time.

2. Autonomous Driving

Another major change that is happening in the auto industry which is transforming the trucking industry is autonomous driving. Driverless trucks may be some way away from becoming the norm, but there are many autonomous features that can come in handy for drivers today and make their job both easier and safer.

3. Dash Cams

Every truck driver should have a dash cam on board and this is for a few reasons. First, it is important for protection in case you get into an accident, or someone tries to steal from the truck while it is vacant. In addition to this, dash cams are also useful for reviewing driver performance and finding ways to improve. Finally, a dash cam is also great for capturing any funny, surprising or strange things that happen on the road – truck drivers see all kinds of things, so now you can capture evidence!

4. Load Boards

These days, it is easier than ever to find trucking work thanks to the rise of load boards. Many people start shipping work in an effort to be your own boss, but it can also be hard to find a steady stream of work. You can use boards to browse shipping jobs available and select the best ones for your needs, which makes it much easier for truck drivers to find ongoing work and allows you to maximize your daily income.

Currently, these are a few of the biggest tech trends in trucking that are changing the industry. The trucking industry is always one that is changing as a result of tech developments, especially when it comes to driving as the auto industry is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. As a truck driver, you want to keep pace with the latest trends and developments so that you can improve your business, remain competitive, modernize and achieve higher levels of success.

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