Suite or Sugar?

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Been kicking my new system between Suite & Sugar. I was reviewing the Sugar contract today and there is some language about "all your base are belong to us." I'm not too happy about that.

I told my rep that she can waive the implementation fee because I was going to turn the system over to developers who were more or less going to gut the thing and set it up to spec. I have a lot of proprietary logic, business rules and workflows that are the culmination of 16 years in various roles within my industry. This project is kind of my baby…

The dev team works in both Sugar and Suite; they have for the last 14 years. I like the UI of Sugar and the bells + whistles, but I almost feel like if you threw enough money at a Suite dev team, you could have a comparable product that is just a fork of an open source product and…Voilà; proprietary system with IP retained. Sugar is a closed system that could have a lot of potential because they're the ones coming up with the security fixes, bug fixes, etc.

I left salesforce because it was too much of a closed system. I like Sugar, but Suite has its benefits…

Business: real estate brokerage active in a major market in a large state with plans to scale into other major markets within said state and other states once this system is built, dialed in and there's a PoC.

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