Press Release: SEIDOR launches its new corporate identity on its 40th anniversary

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Surrey, England – 23rd March 2022: SEIDOR, a multinational consulting firm specializing in technology services and solutions, including SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, has launched a new global brand identity and image to coincide with the commemoration of its 40th anniversary. PRESS RELEASE

For SEIDOR, “the new identity responds to the need to have an image in line with our current corporate reality and which, without renouncing the original DNA, helps to reinforce our positioning as a benchmark in IT consultancy, with a comprehensive portfolio and global capabilities, in large accounts, SMEs, and the public sector,” said Iván González, Corporate Director of Marketing and Communication at SEIDOR.

He adds, “it is, without a doubt, a firm declaration of values, intentions, and aspirations that revolve around a more human conception of technology.”

This new corporate identity includes a change of logo, which responds precisely to the desire to visually express SEIDOR’s transformation and leadership in recent years.

A design with a new purpose

The new logo is a representation of SEIDOR’s ew purpose and ambition. The blue, which has always been linked to the company, expresses modernity and technology, its field of action. The white represents light, closely linked to the capacity to create, a factor that defines SEIDOR and that the company wants to transmit to today’s society, business customers, and the different audiences it addresses. And finally, a blue circle gradient is concentrated, which aims to underline the importance of focusing on ensuring that any company or project moves forward.

This new way of doing things is also reflected in its new company purpose under the motto ‘Human focused. Technology experts.’

“Now more than ever, we feel like technology activists, and we want to harness the power of technology to enhance the business growth of our customers and, at the same time, contribute to improving the world,” explains Iván González.

Jose Gomensoro, Managing Director at SEIDOR, United Kingdom, says that the new identity reflects “the company’s position as a leading SAP Platinum partner and a technology expert.”

“The new motto – Human focused. Technology experts – gives prominence to our belief that people are at the centre of everything that we do,” added Jose.

The new image will be applied throughout SEIDOR’s global network of more than 80 offices in 40 countries. The company has also launched a new corporate website, accessible in seven languages, which also reflects its new positioning. You can view the new website at

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