CRM and Marketing Automation: how to make the most out of them

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In a simple Google search on the main business software for customer relationship management, two names come up repeatedly: CRM and Marketing Automation. Despite some obvious similarities, these softwares are actually designed to perform two different yet complementary activities.

With this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at these softwares, explaining what they are, the functions they perform, and the (non-trivial) differences between the two. Finally, we’ll discuss the points of contact between the two applications and how they can be used together.

Marketing Automation: a software for marketing teams 

Marketing Automation was created to help take advantage of all the unique marketing opportunities that the internet offers

While we’ve talked about what is marketing automation in depth in another post, essentialy, a marketing automation software is a software that interfaces with an email server, a website, social media, and ads for two purposes:  

  • encourage visitors, readers, etc. to leave their contact information (becoming authenticated users – this is known as lead generation
  • record useful information about their interests and behaviors. If integrated correctly, the marketing automation tool will make it possible to know which pages a user has visited, which emails they have opened or not, and so on, depending on the digital touchpoints with which the software is integrated. 

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