5 reasons software architects should embrace low code

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Software developers and architects were once justifiably skeptical of low-code technologies, but today, many mature low-code platforms enable agile development teams to improve productivity, increase quality, and deploy frequently. Developers use low-code technology to build apps, customer experiences, portals, search experiences, workflow integrations, data pipelines, data streams, dashboards, test automationsmachine learning models, and other solutions.

Brian Platz, co-CEO and cofounder of Fluree, explains why there was major interest in low-code tech this year and why this will continue. “Low code as a concept is powerful, and its use will continue to grow in 2022. It frees up IT resources, provides business departments with highly custom software, and ultimately supports ongoing digital transformation. However, it must be built on scalable data platforms and strict governance models. Otherwise, the plethora of custom apps can become a data silo nightmare.”

Avoid creating technical debt

According to research on the growing threat of technical debt, enterprises devote more than 40% of IT budgets to addressing technical debt rather than running operations or building new capabilities. The two most critical issues cited were turnover in the development team and too many development languages and frameworks.

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