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The existing business scenario is full of uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation. It has also bought a massive transformation in customer needs and wants. Companies require a support system for effectively dealing with new-age customers. Sage CRM, a customer management software, will enable you to provide a personalized experience to your customers so that they revisit you and spread good word-of-mouth.

You might have heard or read the following quotes:

  • Customer is the king
  • Customer rules
  • Customer is always right

Such quotes have become massively popular in recent times. It is because companies are more or less providing the same offerings. The only differentiating factor that separates top-performing companies from mediocre ones is customer experience. The better experience you provide, the bigger your customer base will be. 

Today, we live in an information age where you cannot hide anything from the public at large. You should be an active participant in the lives of your customers. If you provide poor service or don’t communicate with them, they can easily switch to your competitors

Thus, companies must implement customer management software as it records each customer’s likes and dislikes and helps provide a personalized experience.

This article will lay down the benefits of Sage CRM and how it can help you to manage your customers with ease.

Gone are the days when customers visited the company store, purchased their desired product, and returned home. Today, customers seek information before making the purchase. They visit product blogs, read customer reviews, and discuss with their peers. Then, they either visit the physical store or purchase the product from online portals. 

Purchases from online portals have been increasing drastically. It provides enormous benefits to companies as it allows them to collect customer-centric data

This data includes attributes such as:

  • Preferences
  • Past purchasing behavior
  • Budget
  • Wishlists
  • Average and Median expenditure
  • Recommended products

Through this data, companies can fill their warehouses with products that have considerable demand and send personalized recommendations to customers from time-to-time.

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Sage CRM gathers tons of data and extracts business-critical information from it. It also creates easy-to-understand reports rich with statistics, facts, and figures that enable managers to gain a 360-degree view of the market. 

Sage CRM, customer management software, provides comprehensive insights that allow stakeholders to understand the current business scenario and take action. It helps the company’s management to forecast market needs and brainstorm complementary strategies

Remember that the marriage of actionable data and human ingenuity creates market leaders. Sage CRM will provide you with rich and contemporary data to have a solid framework to base your decisions.

Sales teams are the front line soldiers of your company. But have you made enough arrangements for them to function at their optimum level? 

Sage CRM, a customer management software, provides the following advanced features that allow your sales team to realize their full potential: 

It enables your sales team to edit/update customer information from any place and at any time. Your salesperson doesn’t have to jot down the changes in a diary and carry it back to the office. Sage CRM also allows uploading critical documents from the customer’s place.

2. Sales managers can download quarterly/half-yearly/annual reports depicting the performance of each salesperson. The reports consist of the following:

  • Number of calls made
  • Number of customer visits
  • Prospect to customer ratio
  • Number of emails sent
  • And much more.

With these details in hand, managers can get a holistic view of their teams. It helps them identify weak performers and provide them corrective feedback.

3. Sage CRM provides chatbots facility. The following are the ways how chatbots can help you in doing business:

  • They collect trivial customer information — such as name, email ID, address. 
  • They send alerts, notifications, and marketing material to customers regularly.
  • They maintain a repository of FAQs that help customers resolve their queries instantly.
  • They route difficult questions to the support team and update their repository regularly.

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The majority of organizations aren’t able to realize their full potential because of information silos. These are glass walls that restrict information from traveling from one department to another. It hampers the functioning of the company as a whole.

Sage CRM, a customer management software, provides a single dashboard that collects and stores business-critical information and allows access to all authorized business stakeholders — frontline executives, C-suite executives, vendors, suppliers, distributors, customers, etc. When everyone stakeholder is on the same page, the company works as a cohesive unit

Further, it avoids duplications of work and makes everyone more efficient and productive.

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