ERP Trends: Future of Enterprise Resource Planning

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An ERP software system is often one of the most significant investments a company will make. Not only is it a major financial decision, but it’s also a practical one that can impact all parts of your business, like human resources, accounting, manufacturing, marketing and more. Before selecting a new system, buyers should research currently available solutions and ERP trends coming down the pipeline.

To help our readers out (and sate our curiosity), we spoke with several leaders about the ERP trends we might see in 2022 and beyond. Between a movement to the cloud, disruption cycles, competition from Amazon and more, it looks like 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for ERP.

What is a Modern ERP?

ERP software launched in the ’60s and has received numerous modifications since. Here are several characteristics of a modern ERP:

  • Cloud-Based: Unlike old legacy or on-premise systems, modern platforms are switching to the cloud. The cloud enables vendors and resellers to host the program and client information on third-party servers via the internet. No installations are required, and you can access vital information on any device in any location.
  • Mobility: Most buyers either work remotely or are always on the move. Mobile ERP helps you keep tabs on different tasks and processes anywhere on phones, tablets, PCs and other devices.
  • Affordability: Most systems offer affordable prices and subscription plans, especially for small and mid-sized companies, depending on the vendor.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re looking to grow into a mid-size or enterprise-level business, most applications scale as you add more employees, departments, machinery, etc.
  • Centralization: Keep all of your HRmanufacturingaccountingcustomer relationship management (CRM)supply chain management (SCM) and other sectors unified in one system for accessible communication.

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