Encryption Trends in 2023 That Can Keep Data More Secure

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Data encryption is an important way for businesses to protect their critical data, develop customer trust, and maintain compliance. Unencrypted data can be one of the top vulnerabilities in an organization. With encryption, you can convert your company’s plaintext data into encoded data, known as ciphertext. This cipher can only be decoded with a unique key generated at the time of encryption, which makes the data in transit more safe and secure as compared to unencrypted data.

There has been a steady increase in encryption strategies across enterprises every year, and it will likely continue in 2023. As more organizations become aware of the importance of encrypted data, there is a decline in companies not having any encryption strategy or plan. Organizations can now also have more options to choose from a variety of encryption technologies and solutions.

Let us have a look at some potential encryption trends in 2023 to keep data more secure.

Homomorphic Encryption

Conventional encryption method involves encrypting data while it travels over the internet or when it is stored in a device. It needs to be decrypted before it can be analyzed by the user, causing potential security vulnerabilities. With homomorphic encryption, users are able to process data without decryption.

Hardware-based Whole Disk Encryption

With hardware-based whole disk encryption, once a key is given, the entire volume content encrypts after being used. Though it doesn’t protect against a network attack via website or email, it does provide protection if a device or laptop is stolen or lost and data requires a key to decrypt.

Moving Target Defense

More than data encryption itself, one of the biggest issues arises when the code used by us is same as of the attackers. Moving target defense allows constant changing of attack surface so that hackers don’t get the time to reverse engineer the environment.

Wearable Two Factor Authentication

Though passwords are important, functionality and ease of use is becoming a priority. Large passwords that are generated cryptographically are more powerful than conventional passwords that are hard to remember. Using wearable devices that connect and deliver this information can provide ease of use and also mitigate challenges of keeping multiple passwords.

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography works by transmitting a password or secret key over a distance by using light photons that move a shared data file between a sender and receiver. Though these photons can be intercepted by another technology, they cannot bet copied or cloned.

Smart Contracts for Payments.

As cryptocurrency becomes the standard for making secure, encrypted payments, Western Union and other similar mediums will take a backseat.

Honey Encryption

This method keeps cyber criminals away from data theft. They think that they have succeeded in hacking by accessing the accurate data, but in reality they haven’t.

IoT Product Security

IoT technology has been a breakthrough for making our lives convenient. But with convenience comes security risk. As IoT products usage increased, consumers have experienced cyber attacks and incidents of stolen personal data. With more complex emerging IoT products, it is vital to mitigate the risks associated with them.

Advanced Biometrics

Besides fingerprint recognition and iris scanning, facial recognition and voice biometrics are now important aspects of identity verification and access control, and the trend will continue in 2023 as well.


Tokenization works by substituting an actual piece of data for pseudo data with a token. With tokenization, merchants no longer store customer payment data. This makes it possible to eventually see a world free of payment fraud.


Businesses nowadays have a huge amount of data consisting of customer demographics to financial information, and they wish to keep it all private. Data encryption makes this possible, making it accessible only to legitimate users. However, it is not a foolproof mechanism. It is important to keep up with the trends to ensure that your data is secure, and choose the best option to help minimize risks and protect your valuable assets.

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