How to Reduce Candidate Drop-off with Automation Technology

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Where have all the candidates gone?

The job market is booming with jobs but not enough candidates to fill them. The psychology of the candidate is changing; they are more empowered and re-imagining the definition of the employee. 

In this candidate-centric market, how can you reduce candidate drop-off? Automation technology can help.

Automate the recruitment process

Automating your recruitment process starts with job advertisements and applicant tracking and continues all the way through hiring. From candidate sourcing to background checks, automation technology can help keep top talent engaged throughout the entire process.

Recruitment automation helps to automate the candidate journey from application to interview scheduling.

According to Harver, recruiting automation can help increase productivity, improve your quality of hire, enhance the candidate experience, create bias-free hiring, and reduce time to hire.

Creating a great first impression for the candidate is key to a long and happy, engaging relationship, where they grow from candidate to employee. How can you build this relationship and reduce candidate drop-off along the way? 

Eliminate roadblocks

There are several stages at which the candidate drops off. Online applications and background checks are just a few notable places the candidate may abandon your hiring process. 

Complicated and lengthy processes, lack of communication, duplicate data entry, and paper-driven are some of the noteworthy reasons job seekers drop out of the hiring process. Antiquated drug screening and background check processes can also cause timely delays during onboarding and increase time to hire.

By expediting processes and streamlining workflows, you can work towards eliminating these roadblocks and keep your candidates happy and engaged throughout the entire process.

Don’t forget about background screening

The candidate journey has multiple touchpoints, and the background check is just one of the key steps along the way. Companies who fail to view background screening as a vital piece of the candidate journey risk losing candidates due to increased time to hire and incorrect or incomplete background checks.

Ensuring integration and automation of your background screening process is critical. It is not just a matter of integrating your background check provider into your tech stack; it is the behind-the-scenes automation of the background screening process that can help to reduce candidate drop-off. 

Identify the automated layers of your screening provider

Background check providers may offer layers of automation through products, solutions, and integrations. Companies like Accurate Background automate key features of the screening process that, in turn, help reduce candidate drop-off rates by minimizing duplicate data entry, decreasing turnaround times, providing accurate reports, and delivering automated, streamlined workflows.

Results, workflows, and settings are just a few places where automation technology is involved in the Accurate screening process. 

Automated adjudication

When you have multiple positions you are filling, automating policy settings for each role helps to reduce the back-and-forth approval process. With Accurate’s automated adjudication tool, staffing firms can enable configurable scoring settings for every position – creating efficiency and eliminating bias in the process while ensuring the final score of the background check aligns with the responsibilities of the job role.

Automated court results

With our technology, Accurate offers access to over 2,500 federal, state, and local courthouses. Our AccurateAxis technology provides fast turnaround times with over 85% of our volume fully automated. 

Comprehensive, automated searches

Background checks are only as good as the data that supports them. When it comes to criminal checks, the location services that power them are critical. AccurateReach technology offers an automated process that combines AI and proprietary algorithms to extend the scope of regular background checks by rapidly searching thousands of criminal history and location-based data sources as they become available, providing a more complete, robust candidate profile with a 99.9% accurate rate. 

Automated workflows

Automated workflows that are integrated into your ATS, like Bullhorn, can streamline the candidate experience, increasing efficiency with a real-time exchange and single interface for brand consistency. Automated, integrated workflows provide a sole source of truth for data, eliminating the need for the candidate to enter duplicate data and documentation, saving both you and the candidate time and resources. 

Dynamic data and document collection

Automating data collection saves your recruiters and candidates time and reduces data duplication. At Accurate, we offer a mobile-optimized document collection service to coordinate the collection of documents and data directly from the candidate– reacting to the candidate’s input in real-time on the mobile platform. Our platform proactively automates international forms based on the candidate’s address history as it is being entered into the system, reducing the back and forth of documents in the process. For example, suppose a candidate has lived in a different country. In that case, Accurate will automatically request all of the required pieces of information and documents required to run that criminal check in that country, wherever legally available. 

Rule-based compliance engine

With our comprehensive bundle of compliance risk mitigating technology, we not only mitigate your risk, but we also add value with a 360 view of regulatory changes that can be adjusted and automated as needed to accommodate processing and operational consistency. Based on the job location and/or candidate location, Accurate automatically sends a timestamped auto form delivery with disclosure and authorization forms during the registration process for easy compliance review. Rules can be configured not only at the job or candidate location level, but we can also configure rules to products and job roles, specifically helping your organization collect documents that may only pertain to your hiring process.

Develop integrated partnerships

What if a network of integrated partners could mitigate all these pain points of the candidate drop-off? 

In this new future of work, staffing firms must capture a diverse workforce composition. To compete, they must deploy platform-related work capabilities that support the digital talent marketplace. These platforms facilitate automation and integrate with your tech stack to reduce candidate drop-off rates.

Staffing firms that strategically build their network of integrated partners focused on the candidate experience have a greater survival rate versus those that refuse to integrate and adopt this new wave of tech stacks. 

Make an investment in automation technology

Investing in automation is an investment in the candidate’s experience. It can not only help you reduce candidate drop-off, but it can also help improve your quality of hires, reduce overhead, and decrease turnaround times, delivering a better candidate experience.

Join Accurate Background as we invest in automation technology that supports the candidate experience, helping staffing firms worldwide deliver top talent ahead of the competition.


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