Very specific needs – been shopping CRM software way too long.

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Hi all, first post on this subreddit. My wife and I run a small family business and we have been looking for some type of crm solution that would meet our needs. Because only two of us are here to take care of things, our current situation is unmanageable.

We're Genealogists, and we do quite a bit of art and photo restoration as well. Genealogy is a feast or famine business.

Right now, we are doing the following, and it is starting to suck.

  • Collect customer information via Wufoo form on our website.

  • Square to track estimates / invoices, as well as entering customer data manually when we have people actually walk in rather than inquire on our website.

  • MeisterTask – a Kanban board to track each project for each customer. Each project has about 7 "steps" it automatically goes through as we progress through things.

  • Finally, we go back to square to manually create an invoice and either send it via email or wait until the customer picks up their order and use the square terminal.

This is a lot of jumping around and duplication of effort, but Square 's so-called CRM and their "projects" feature are severely lacking. For example – their projects module has no templating feature that can be applied.

We would like to automate as much of this as possible, and we are willing to drop all 3 of these products if we could just find one that meets all of our needs shown above. We use Zapier to automate small pieces of this mess, but we still have a great deal of moving from app to app for every single order.


  1. manage customers

  2. estimates

  3. invoices

  4. multi-step project / task tracking with templates (preferably a dashboard view / Kanban)

  5. Bonus would be a way to automate the steps in the project when certain tasks are marked complete (i.e. "proofs are ready so auto-email the customer a certain template"

  6. Bonus: Would be REALLY nice to have email tracking.

  7. Won't break the bank!

Truly apologetic if this post belongs elsewhere, but I figured I would give it a try and ask some of you experts…


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