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Most of the stress we experience comes from our jobs and worksites. Stressed workers are more likely to smoke, drink, be inactive, eat poorly, have relationship issues, and get sick more often. All of this means decreased productivity. Thankfully, employers can help to manage stress at work.

Job stress costs billions of dollars every year because it leads to more absenteeism, medical expenses, and workers compensation claims.

Here is a comprehensive list of the main causes of worksite stress and a corresponding list of successful ways to help employers reduce stress in the worksite and help employees manage stress.

Worksites and wellness programs that have good control of stress at work have healthier, more productive employees.  They also have lower health care costs.

Workplace Stress That Comes from Poor Leadership

1) Lack of understanding about leadership structure and roles

A lack of understanding about leadership structure creates stress. When employees understand leadership structure, there is less conflict, which enhances productivity and morale.

Do This: Create and honor a clear leadership structure so everyone knows to whom they are accountable. This will improve the efficiency of work and contribute to a more relaxed environment.

2) Lack of job feedback from leadership

Unless employees receive feedback, they can worry about their job performance even when they are doing well. This can make it hard for employees to manage their stress. When leaders communicate with a spirit of encouragement, employees feel reassured and are more likely to communicate with leaders, especially during difficult challenges.

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