7 Must-Have Gadgets for Tech Start-ups in 2022

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The title of the post got you all curious, huh? 

So, the odds are that you are an ambitious entrepreneur and nursing a long-cherished dream of building a million-dollar start-up with your amazing ideas. 

Or you are looking for ways to revamp your growing start-up workspace and boost productivity. 

Or you are simply a tech geek. 

Or maybe you are like me, who love to do research, so others don’t have to!

Whatever it may be, you probably see tech gadgets as a smart investments- especially for tech start-ups and want to know more about great gadgets to keep young start-ups operationally efficient.

Technology: The Core of Tech Start-Ups 

Tech Start-up. Often misinterpreted as a vogue word for fast developing small business that creates cool technological solutions.!! 

But there is more to it. Tech start-ups are exciting, intense, and unpredictable. 

Amidst limited financial resources and the pressure to innovate constantly, founders of tech start-ups face challenges on almost every front- marketing, sales, operations, stakeholder management. That’s not all; their teams have to be flexible to perform functions they are not best at, which often leads to efficiency loss.

Thus, in addition to a driven team, a problem-solving product, a solid plan to scale operationally, one factor that has a huge impact on the odds of making it big as a start-up is the arsenal of gadgets. Gadgets that support you through the long haul of juggling multiple hats. 

In that case, it would be a clever idea to consider the list of 7 Must-have gadgets for tech start-ups in 2022 that I have curated for you.

  1. GoTouch Beam Whiteboard Projector

Ditch those boring presentations and training sessions with this unbelievably collaborative projector. With this gadget, you can write, draw, and share your ideas with your team no matter where they are.  

It blends seamlessly with any conference call or online meeting tools and casts easily onto the phone, laptop, or tablet with luminous sharpness and immersive sound. Not only that, it can fit in your bag!

In short, everything to enhance the visual communication and productivity of your team.

  1. ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer

Created by ZUtA Labs Ltd., this cute little thing will forever change your idea of a printer. It’s a simple, sleek, robotic, and mobile printer that barely weighs 300 g making it super easy and fun to carry. So now you can rest assured and keep working efficiently, even when you are not in your office. 

The printer connects directly to smartphones or computers and lets you print on any page size. While one inkjet cartridge is enough for over 1,000 pages, a rechargeable battery lasts for over one hour per full charge.

However, you might have to wait for a little to buy the pocket printer as it is currently in production.

  1. Fujitsu ScanSnap Mobile Scanner

The folks have taken scanning to the next level by this dramatically sleek, battery-powered scanner range. Whether you want to scan to your PC, Mac or iOS, or Android device, it helps you turn those piles of papers into valuable information with unmatchable adaptability and simplicity.

It offers highly sophisticated features that allow speedy digitization of documents of different types and sizes, two-side document scanning, on the go scanning. It takes just about five seconds to scan a full-colored page. What’s more, it is small enough to carry and big enough to use as a desktop scanner.

  1. Swivel HD Attachable monitor

Truly a tech marvel. Having a double or even triple portable monitor workspace is a game-changing innovation when a single screen laptop won’t suffice. SideTrak’s Swivel is the answer to all your workplace productivity glitches. Easy-to-attach, portable, light-weight, compatible with most laptop brands, and perfectly designed to mirror, rotate 270°, and swivel 360°.

  1. Smart Gadgets

It’s all about automation because mundane tasks can steal valuable time that could have been spent on more meaningful.

For a “smart” tech start-up like yours, the purpose of integrating smart gadgets into the workplace goes well beyond automation. Smart gadgets can be huge assets that help you streamline working processes, offer superior customer experience, create a hub that attracts the best of the talent, increase productivity and flexibility. If you still don’t use any of them for your tech start-up, then it’s high time to start doing it. 

  1. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

You heard it right! As simple as a keyboard can be silently eroding your ability to be more productive. Standard keyboards were not designed, considering that many tech start-up teams would practically live on their computers. The unnatural positioning, awkward angles, repeated stretch lead to incremental but inevitable damage to wrists and fingers, fatigue, pain, and loss of productivity. 

Nobody does it better when it comes to ergonomics than Logitech. It offers an impressive range of contoured, split, angled keyboards and thumb-operated mice so that you do not have to choose between performance and comfort.

  1. Height Adjustable Desks

What an incredible way to let your team know that how important they are to you! I love how these beauties transform an old, backbreaking desk into a health-conscious workstation without taking a toll on productivity. 

You can raise or lower them based on your needs, move easily without disrupting the entire office, switch between standing and sitting positions while in a meeting or on the phone, continue working even when it is difficult to sit for long periods of time.

You can check out NextDesk’s ultra-smart adjustable desk that has everything from microprocessor-controlled motors with programmable memory to 6-way keyboard platforms.

Final Words

So, there you go. You now have a list of 7 must-haves that not only are as cool as your start-up but can boost your workspace productivity in a fun way. But most importantly, they make your office a great place to work. Give them a try.

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