What would be the best CRM for a musician/band?

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So I was learning a bit of marketing and found CRM's quite useful, and I wanted to try out one for music. So my musician/band has:

Starters budget: $0-100

  • Shows/promoters to manage

  • Marketing/advertising campaigns, whether plain ads, or collaborations, or sponsors, etc. So collaboration with sponsors should be easily (or at least holistically) possible, whatever that could mean (asking you guys).

  • Listeners+people relationships, ways to reach out to people you already have contact with (maybe cross-platform posting/stories/etc, and responses gathered in one centralized place – anyone know of any service that does this? I imagine this would be too much for an affordable CRM, although idk)

  • Relationships with other musicians

  • Paperwork/legal tracking, and accounting

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