Yes, is still here: Microsoft partner (partly) explains their deal with HSO

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Microsoft partner HSO made headlines with the announcement it had purchased US-based assets from another Microsoft partner, HSO gained a segment of’s holdings that included a collection of software solutions for the professional services industry and a US-based organization supporting the software and delivering services.

But the announcement had an unintended consequence, says it gave some people the mistaken impression that, the larger enterprise, had been purchased outright. The company explained their experience in a spirited announcement several days after HSO announced the deal:

An announcement last week from HSO that we had been acquired was, well, simply not true. The announcement caused a flurry of emails, phone calls, and social media posts to be exchanged around the world as our clients, partners, and employees reached out to ask “huh?!?”.’s silence for several days after the HSO announcement had been caused by the need to abide by a quiet period put in place after the deal.

The problem is that have not been able to share this with you due to a contractual ‘quiet period’. Well – the cat is certainly out of the bag now! 

HSO executives Peter J. ter Maaten and Whit McIsaac told MSDW more about their view of the deal, including HSO’s strategic objective in quickly building a strong US presence through its two recent acquisitions, the US assets and the purchase of AKA Enterprise Solutions a few months earlier. has some tips for other companies selling a portion of their assets.