Next career step after CRM?

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Hi, I’ve been wondering if someone has suggestions or can share their own experience of what a possible next career step after CRM Manager is/could be. I’ve been doing email marketing and CRM Management for 8 years now, am pushing 40 and might be ready to do something else. I’ve been a generalist within CRM, so I’ve done copywriting, content creation, campaign management, segmentation, infrastructure development, strategy and managing a small CRM team. Obviously with so many different tasks, I’m ok at most of them, but an expert in none of them. I’m a Senior CRM Manager and could probably get a CRM Director job somewhere, but after 8 years, I feel like it’s time to do something else. But I have no idea what kind of job could come next. Does anyone have suggestions or can tell what they did after leaving CRM as a profession?

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