No more worries about – “How much default space comes with Dynamics 365 CRM online?”

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Now-a-days managing data has become quite easy as compared to earlier times mainly due to technology. The availability of many productivity apps have considerably helped business organizations across world with effective management of data. Even our Dynamics 365 CRM friends have a wide range of document management apps at their disposal for managing their CRM data.

Now, which one to choose? This we will leave to our CRM friends. But before making the decision, we would like them to check out our popular document/attachment management app for Dynamics 365 CRM – Attach2Dynamics.  With the badge of Microsoft Preferred App in its bag, Attach2Dynamics is what you need to seamlessly manage the ever increasing mound of digital data in your CRM in the form of Notes, Emails, Sales Literature attachments, etc.

And how is it done? Let’s find out.

With Attach2Dynamics, you can –

Easily Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with Multiple Cloud Storages:

By using Attach2Dynamics, you can integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with multiple cloud storage services – SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage. As per your convenience, you can connect to anyone or all three cloud services at once for storing and managing CRM data. You can also create multiple instances for each of your cloud connectors like SharePoint_1, SharePoint_2, Dropbox_1, Dropbox_2, etc. ensuring continuous free space in your CRM for other activities.

Seamlessly manage Documents/Attachments in cloud from within CRM:

Attach2Dynamics gives you the ability to perform a wide range of actions on files/folders stored in cloud from within Dynamics 365 CRM itself. You can drag & drop files/folder, upload and download files/folders to/from cloud, create new folders, rename files/folders, view or delete files, create anonymous links of files, email files as attachments, etc. All these actions can be performed from within Dynamics 365 CRM by using Attach2Dynamics UI. This is a highly efficient, effective and productive method of managing CRM documents/attachments in cloud.

Effortlessly Copy/Move Notes/Email/Sales Literature Attachments from CRM to cloud:

Emails, Notes and Sales Literature attachments occupies quite a bit of space in CRM. So, it is prudent to move them to cloud as soon as you receive them. Procrastinating it will only increase your workload later. With Attach2Dynamics, you will be able to move or copy attachments related to a particular Entity to cloud services. Once you configure to move attachments for ‘Email’ entity, then whenever you send/receive emails, the attachments will be automatically moved to the respective folders in cloud storage and a link to the location will be left in its place for your reference. Similarly, you can enable entity configuration to copy/move Notes and Sales Literature Attachments.

Easily Migrate History Data in Bulk:

It is a cumbersome task to migrate history data in bulk to cloud storages. But with Attach2Dynamics, you can achieve this feat quite easily. Without disrupting any of your daily CRM activities, Attach2Dynamics can bulk migrate all your history data to the cloud storage of your choice. Once the process is completed you will get a detailed report on the amount of data transferred, the space cleared, failure in migration if any and so on.

Micro – manage user actions in Cloud:

When it comes to data security, Attach2Dynamics is right on the mark. With its ‘Security Templates’ feature, you can manage, control and restrict users from performing various actions on files/documents stored in cloud. Nobody can move an inch without your express permission. So, if you want to restrict any user from viewing, downloading or deleting files and folders from cloud then you have to just simply configure a Security Template disabling those permissions for that user.

Managing a huge scale of data in CRM on a daily basis can become tiresome if you don’t have the right kind of app with you. With Attach2Dynamics, you can effortlessly achieve this tiresome feat every day without fail. It is a tool that will enhance your data management capability, thereby improving your overall CRM productivity. So, choose well!

Are you still worrying about questions like – How much default space comes with Dynamics 365 CRM online? or How to reduce Dynamics 365 storage costs? or How can I free up Dynamics 365 CRM storage Space? Wait no more download this fabulous app from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days.

Also, check out our SharePoint Security Sync, another popular document management app that offers premium service of synchronizing Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint Security Model along with document management functionalities of Attach2Dynamics.

For a personal demo or more information on any of our Dynamics 365 CRM Preferred Apps just drop a mail at

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