Increasing Business Productivity beyond the Boundaries of your Office by using Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM

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As established by Fujio Mitarai, “Diversification and Globalization are the keys to the future”. Globalization has practically squeezed the entire world together. Businesses and Human interactions have been entwined due to this and are being conducted from all the parts of the world. A product ideated in North America maybe be manufactured in Asia to be used in Africa. This may even require excessive travel for client interaction, and resources exchange.

The entire process seemed a smooth sail in normal situations. It was greatly aided by the advent of the Internet and its integration with mobile devices. Tracing travel routes by plotting them over digital maps, in your hand made traveling extremely easy. However, with the advent of the pandemic and the resulting standstill of the world, things changed drastically. Free travel and in-person meetings are yet to resume normally! However, humans are known to find alternate solutions to every crux.

The meetings, face-to-face interactions, demos, etc are now all held over various online sources or virtually from homes. Business meetings and deal discussions are officially held over video calls even on handheld devices now. This as they say is turning out to be the new normal in the business world. Field reps could be thought to be the most affected by this change. However, the internet integrated with mobile devices has yet again proven out to be a saving grace for all.

The business processes are further enhanced using locational intelligence. Applications such as Maplytics unite the locational factor of the data with business records and present a graphical visualization for better output. Maplytics is a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on Microsoft Appsource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/ Dataverse (Power Apps). It empowers users across verticals with the power of Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Automated Appointment Planning, Proximity Search, etc to drive better sales, improve business processes, and so on.

The supportive features of Maplytics that integrate the functionality with mobile devices stand as a boon in this situation. The field reps can access and plot Dynamics 365 CRM records using Maplytics on their cell phones. Even if they aren’t confined to the four walls of their homes, the reps with a good internet facility and a cell phone at hand can hold client meetings efficiently.

They can check their pre-planned schedules over the phone apps and plan their day accordingly. The reps can effectively combine work with pleasure by utilizing the periods’ in-between meetings to carry out their tasks or other activities.

Let us say Nick is the sales rep for a Cookie giant. During the lockdown, he has shifted to his parent’s hometown. With the work from anywhere option, Nick could complete his client interactions throughout the day and later help out his parents with their needs and duties. He could even take his parents for an outing while being available for the appointments at scheduled time slots.

With mass vaccination drives, the world has started opening up again, gradually, for human interaction. Maplytics could be extremely helpful in that situation as well. Suppose Jo works as a service rep for a pharma brand and he wishes to take a vacation with scenes opening up. He could co-ordinate with his manager and schedule timely appointments with the clients in the area of his vacation spot.

Thus, Jo could complete his meetings as planned for the day and enjoy the rest of the time doing his vacation activities. During his excursion, it could be possible that Jo comes across some unknown path and may want to search for clients along that way. He could quickly plot some records on his cell phone using Maplytics in Dynamics 365 CRM and schedule meetings, if possible, thereby utilizing his time efficiently.

Let us assume, Adam is a sales rep working for an e-commerce giant. During the pandemic, he too moved in with his parents in their hometown. The service territories assigned to him could be altered based on his new pin code using Maplytics. Adam can now plot relevant Client records in this new territory and offer his services there.

Also, with the pandemic stressing on contact-less services, the sales/ field reps could be tracked in real-time. The managers could keep checking on their service routes throughout the day. In the case of packages, the clients could pick those up from their doorstep once dropped off by the reps and tracked successfully by them.

The human mind works at its peak when fed with thoughts. Thoughts arise when new things are explored and experienced. With the freedom and ability to work from any place on the face of the world, the human mind is set to see, understand, and implement.

While exploring, if a rep comes across an unexpected client and is able to establish a business connection with him, it would only help flourish the business. Working from anywhere also ensures that the number of leaves taken by the reps is curbed a bit while not much work stress is being propped upon them. The Internet has already played a major role in bringing the world together. It is now time to use it to further increase the convenience of the users.

To experience Maplytics first-hand and to know how it has been assisting organizations globally with their Geo-Analytical requirements, download a free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource or contact us at to discuss your mapping requirements.

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