Need help finding ADHD friendly CRM.

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Hi, everyone. I would really appreciate your help to find a CRM that works for me.

First of all (for context) I have ADHD, so I have many memory, multitasking, organization and prioritization problems. I work in a small but growing company and one of my jobs is to keep the leads alive and know exactly in which stage of the "capturing" process they are and act accordingly.

These processes mainly include: getting clients to sign contracts regularly, asking for legal documents, answering their questions and correcting what they send. On top of that, I usually need to repeat some of those, when the client makes a mistake or something's wrong/missing. I also have to coordinate each of those steps with a partner company we have.

So, the thing is, until recently I had it under control. But as I said (and thankfully) the company is growing and now I have about 15 or 20 of those clients simultaneously and I just can't keep up. My "mind RAM" collapses. I don't have the time or the followup capabilities to keep my improvised system up to date (right now, it's a mix of digital Post-its and a Google Drive spreadsheet). That's why I told my boss that we needed to upgrade to a more professional tool and he was OK with it, but I'm the one who has to find it and implement it.

My main focus is the entire leading process: from contacting a potential customer to closing the deal, (which may some times take months or more). I don't need the CRM to be THAT good in teamwork, for instance. In fact, I tried Asana a while ago and it seemed great for coordinating people, but it's not that good for individual client processes.

To better explain what I have in mind for that software, let me give you a short description of a regular scenario. Let's say that some random day, while I'm working with 15 different clients, opening their accounts simultaneously (it's a constant back and forth with most of them), my boss suddenly tells me that one of those 15 potential clients has gone on vacation and that I shouldn't bother him until next week. If my "mind RAM" is already full, I NEED a software where I can very easily update that client's status and hopefully even set an alarm for one week for now, all with a couple of clicks. That way, if I'm fast enough, I can forget about that client and resume whatever I was doing before I forget it or start getting confused.

So the main objective is individual: to be able to easily keep track of each client. Maybe even pre-setting different processes for each kind of account and then just ticking each step as they're taken care of. I don't need that much teamwork coordination, but it would be useful if my bosses can see any client's status without asking me. But that's not essential.

That's what I need. Maybe, as a plus, if the software could be used so that clients themselves can see the status of their process, that would be awesome. But that's not a priority, just something extra that I would love.

I've searched for options (that's how I got to Asana, among others), but there are so many that I need to narrow it down now and start implementing it (work is piling up as we speak). Also, if the software has a free trial option, that would be excellent.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

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