Best CRM data enrichment tool?

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Hi everyone! I'm in search of a good data enrichment tool to recommend to my client. I've gathered a list of hard bounces in their Hubspot but would like to get some of the emails updated, rather than deleted (I did some digging and found that many of the hard bounces had actually changed orgs).

They currently use Zoominfo but ideally would like to migrate to a better prospecting tool that also offers data enrichment. If it isn't possible to have both features done well in one tool, I can accept the fact that I may end up recommending 2 separate tools – one that's good for prospecting, and another that's good for data enrichment.

I know that there's an additional Zoominfo feature we can purchase called "Zoominfo Inbound Enrichment" but it's quite pricey at $500/mo and I want to explore cheaper alternatives (they're already spending a ton on zoominfo). It'd also be nice if it natively integrates with Hubspot.

What does everyone use for data enrichment?

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