CRM advice for small Public Adjuster

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I am a 2 person service business similar to a paralegal or attorney (Public Adjuster). I need to communicate with my clients and my clients' insurance companies. I would like to have a simple CRM to enter my clients contact info and data re their claims such as claim number, name of insurance adjuster, company, date of loss, etc. I would like to send emails to the insured and their adjusters from the CRM. But I also want to generate template LETTERS suitable for printing that I will save and attach to emails. It is very important for me to create LETTERS because they are more formal/more legal. I also would like to enter contact info of vendors/subcontractors/people I work with, like various construction experts, scientists, attorneys that I need to look up. And I would like to have some calendar/scheduling ability, but that is not a deal breaker. So in summary: 1) searchable contact database for clients and vendors, 2) ability to create template letters 3) I do not need marketing or sales support. 4) Cheap or free and easy to use. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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