How Much Does CRM Cost?

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CRM systems today are more important than ever to help capture every opportunity and put the odds in your favor for both managing your existing customers effectively and nurturing prospects to close.  Over time, Customer Relationship Management or (CRM) software has increasingly evolved to include more business tools necessary to help companies with staying on track for necessary activities to support company growth.  Below are some of the key reasons why companies are choosing this technology along with how to use our CRM Software Pricing Calculator.  Learn more about the benefits and how much does CRM cost?

Simply put, if your Sales & Marketing teams do not have a centralized tool to maximize every lead/prospect, sales opportunity, and customer relationship – you should be very concerned.  From a marketing perspective, increasing your interactions is important as is changing your messaging to reflect what is top-of-mind is key.  Sales Leaders need a tool to manage teams and assure every opportunity to either generate revenue (leads/opportunities) or protect revenue (manage existing customers).  This is where CRM technology is designed for; one technology solution for effectively managing both customers and leads.

One area that is critical for closing new business is the methodical and proven business method for proper prospect follow-up.  There is nothing more frustrating for Sales & Marketing leaders to learn that a new prospect purchased from a competitor because sales did not properly follow up. Today, the timing of new prospect follow-up is critical. Most sales experts highly recommend that initial follow-up on new leads/prospects be performed within 1 hour, doing so increases your chance of converting leads/prospects to revenue significantly. Also having a consistent and thorough lead/prospect follow-up process will significantly improve your team’s lead qualification rates. If your organization does not have some sort of system in place already, such as a CRM system with this Key Feature or proper sales follow-up, is risking lost revenue from lost sales. Lead Conversions, therefore, is critical to having a return on investment when investing in CRM, plus a solid system for sustained business growth.

Power-CRM, offered through iCepts Technology Group, is a next-generation, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform, a leading rapid-low code application development platform.  Power-CRM is more than just CRM software, it is the first complete platform for Customer Relationship Management incorporating onboarding and ongoing user adoption alongside the best CRM functionality available. Power-CRM has many of the add-on technology enhancements just described and also is a user-friendly and affordable system to help your company succeed.  Learn more about CRM cost by clicking on the below information links and getting an instant CRM pricing estimate.

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