Enhance the Power of Microsoft Power Apps

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Discover how a JourneyTEAM developer helped a parts supplier company increase visibility into sales opportunities by creating custom Canvas Apps.

Microsoft Power Apps has become one of the most popular no-code platforms available. The intuitive platform enables users to build custom applications using drag-and-drop tools that require no coding via Canvas Apps. Using the robust and intuitive tool, users can create and deploy smart, efficient business applications that drive business growth and revenue.

Despite the incredible out-of-the-box functionality, users may require additional customization in order for their business app to perform desired actions. A JourneyTEAM customer who found themselves in this situation was a well-known global hardware supply company (name of client will remain confidential for privacy purposes).

Client Example

A current JourneyTEAM client wanted to further customize their Canvas Apps in order to provide their sales team with a dashboard view of orders, quotes, and opportunities. This would allow them to quickly create new quotes, or orders and view and edit an existing one more quickly. The out-of-the-box features within Power Apps only allow users to integrate with a single table and the client was struggling to find a way around these limitations. That’s when they contacted JourneyTEAM.

Senior Developer, Scott Golightly, described in a recent JourneyTEAM learning forum how he was able to overcome this obstacle without resorting to creating three separate Canvas Apps. Scott demonstrated how he created an iFrame that passed the appropriate parameters into the  Canvas App, and how he utilized an existing web resource file for the application. This Canvas App provided our client with more visibility into potential sales opportunities and leads. And users were able to quickly view and edit sales documents which increased productivity and efficiency.

You can get a first-hand look at this customization process by watching the video here, or by contacting a JourneyTEAM representative.

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