Healthcare Professional looking for a CRM

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So I’d like to make two statements and requests.

1) In my experience most CRMs have sucked for engaging with patients. We aren’t shipping out toys and we aren’t just dealing with patient. We are dealing with patient + their other doctors + pharmacy + physical therapy + insurance companies. Existing CRMs just absolutely suck to track all of this for a patient. The patient profiles always end up being so convoluted and all over the place and hard to track. Any suggestions for a CRM? We have tried Salesforce, Helpscout, Zendesk and nothing has worked well enough.

2) If not, I’d like to start something on the side. I am confident in building a CRM that revolves around healthcare after having worked in the industry for 7 years with multiple CRMs. I know the pain points and I know the solutions. I’m flirting with the idea. Thoughts?

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