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Hey everyone, for the last few weeks I have been looking for a simple CRM system that meet our requirements… all systems seem so complex, we need to keep it really simple.

Basically, when our sales agents close a sale, I want to have the customer details added to a CRM system for 2 simple goals. We want to send our customers birthday cards on their birthday. At best, that we receive an email notification XX days before the birthday so we can prep the card and send it. And second, we need to followup in 11 months' time with the customer, at best we will receive a notification for that as well.

We simply need it for those 2 purposes, looked into salesforce, and the known CRM systems… but all seemed complex with all kinds of analytics which we don't need. Hopefully, someone has a great recommendation for me, I would highly appreciate it. Let me know how I can return the favor… 🙂

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