The most controversial question: Is Salesforce good for SMBs?

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When small companies see the names of such giants as Google, T-Mobile, Amazon, Vodafone, American Express, Toyota, and Adidas that have chosen SF, some doubts appear regarding if it's a fir for SMBs then.

I would say that it is. Still, there are some cons:

– Costs

Implementing a CRM such as Salesforce, at first sight, seems to burn a hole in your pocket. Subscription, customization, and add-ons costs can add up quickly.

– Learning curve

Salesforce customization capabilities both attract and scare away. Given its numerous clouds and countless features, a regular end-user can be overwhelmed.

– Implementation complexity

BUT Salesforce offers unlimited scalability of the data model. So no need to pay for extra data migration and new onboarding.

We have also described a typical configuration for SMBs from our experience to show how Salesforce can contribute to the success of a small business.

Any thoughts?

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