Re-Defining Location-based analytics each time: Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM with Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping, Advanced Territory assignment et al!

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Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

And the wait is over, you favourite Maps integration app for Dataverse (Power Apps) and Dynamics 365 CRM, Maplytics is back again with May 2021 release with advanced features like real-time tracking for field reps, assigning territories on defined rules and conditions, Land area visualization, enhancements in Detail Map & Check-in feature, and much more.

Let’s explore most exciting features of this update of Maplytics that help users that want to take the reins of productivity into their own hands and move their organization to a leadership position.

Real-Time Tracking

One of our most awaited features i.e. Real-Time Tracking of your Field engineers is now available in Maplytics. As a manager, you can track location of field technicians in real-time basis with the help of this feature within Field service. This feature also provides you the locational data on past travelled routes by your field technicians. Thus, the team managers can track where their technicians travelled on the field on a specific day and hence manage their team perform better.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Territory Assignment Rule

Last year we added advancement in Territory management by introducing automatic territory creation based on the auto-balanced distribution of the count of records. This year we have worked on advancing our Territory assignment process as well. With great demand for assigning territories to the records based on defined rules, we are glad to add this feature in Maplytics new release. With this, admins can create simple or advanced rules with required conditions based on which the territories will be assigned to the records that satisfy the conditions. This way if any organization follows a certain process of classifying the records and wants to assign respective territories to appropriate records, they can use this feature of Territory assignment rules to create their own rules to assign territories to the required records as per required conditions.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Land Area Mapping

With the increasing demand of Maplytics in various industries, we are glad to support one of the major aspects of the dealing with land plots or fencing of properties as well with our latest feature of Land Area Mapping. This feature will help users to visualize the area of agricultural, residential, commercial properties etc. on the map. Users can define the area of the land in Maplytics for the respective entity record and then visualize the same on the map. This feature will help users to analyze regions for each client, agent, farmer, etc. on the map. One can visualize land along with the respective pushpins as well as if dealing only with land then they can also visualize just the land on the map without any pushpins for the same.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Enhancements in Check-in feature

Our existing check-in feature that enables managers to track the activities of the field sales or field service reps on the field, is already one of the most loved and used feature by organizations who have a team working on the field. With this update, we have enhanced it by allowing the field reps on the field to add notes such as MOM, client requirements, product orders, etc. And these notes can later be viewed within the timeline of the respective record thereby helping the field rep as well as the respective managers to keep an eye on the history or important findings on the meetings of the field team with the clients.

Sometimes due to unforeseen events like when a field professional had to meet a client on an offsite location or if they missed checking-in/out for any particular meeting, they can create pending check-in/out requests for the past meetings to report to their managers about the respective meetings they attended in the past. This can further be approved or rejected by their respective managers or the admins.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Select and Save Pushpins and colors from map

To make Maplytics Interface more user friendly than it already is, users now have the ability to select the required pushpins for the views or categories right on the map. While visualizing any views of any entity on the map, the user will be able to select the required pushpins and respective colors on the ‘Plot Records’ card itself which will simultaneously be reflected on the map in real-time thereby enhancing visualization of the records with desirable pushpins on the map.

Along with this, user can also select the required pushpins and respective colors for the categories plotted on the map within the ‘category’ card while visualizing categorized records on the map. Users can also save the selection of pushpins right from the ‘category’ card for further use. Hence, users can have their configuration of desired pushpins for all the different categories of entities they work with.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Enhancements in Detail map control

In this release,along with the previously added features, we have made more features of Maplytics accessible from the Detail map control itself. Users can now categorize a single entity based on multiple categories. Also, while creating routes, users can save the created route, open any existing route on the Detail map control from the ‘Directions’ card,and also print the route for their reference. While out on field, users following the route using the turn-by-turn navigation within Google Maps or Waze app, can use the feature of Check-in/out to check in or check out for the respective meetings.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

Enhancements in Territory Visualization

From organizations using hierarchical territories in Dynamics 365 CRM, users can visualize multi-level territories on the map as well. For example, if a territory is created for United States which also has child territories for Alaska and Georgia, in such cases the territory manager and member of the United States territory can also visualize the child territories of Alaska and Georgia. Users can view all the levels of territories that they are responsible for with the help of this feature.

For organizations with large number of teams with field professionals with n number of territories, our new feature of Maplytics will by default allow the field professionals to visualize only those territories that they are responsible for and if the admin enables the ‘Show All Territories’, can also view all the territories that are created in CRM.

Real time Field reps tracking, Land area mapping

With these new features added, your geomapping is sure to reach new heights.To unlock the full capabilities of these powerful new features, upgrade your Maplytics version to this latest Maplytics solution.

If you want a real-time glimpse of what these new features are and how they can help your business, shoot us a quick email at to get a live demonstration of all the latest features.

Until the next time, stay safe and Enjoy your mapping experience!