Why Serve: 3 Big Benefits of Joining the Marines

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“Should I join the Marines?”

Answering this question is an important decision for your life. Being a Marine isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires commitment, grit, and the will to consistently serve your country.

However, joining the Marines has several tangible benefits. Even when you aren’t aiming for these advantages, knowing them can give that push. Read on and learn more:

  1. Healthcare and Insurance

Healthcare costs in the United States are expensive, like a college education. Average healthcare premium costs could put a dent in your annual budget.

For example, the average yearly deductible for family plans is almost $8,000. If your family earns $60,000 each year on average, the costs can add up.

While serving in the Marines, you won’t pay a dime in healthcare costs. All U.S. Marines get free comprehensive medical care. You’re in good hands since military doctors have the best training and equipment around.

You need not worry about expensive treatments while serving. The government subsidizes your dental care whenever necessary.

The best part? These benefits are available to your immediate family members. Under the Tricare program, your spouse and children remain safe and healthy.

  1. Pay

Serving in the Marine Corps won’t make you the richest person. However, you’ll earn enough money to keep your family out of the streets. The pay depends on your rank and length of service, regardless of your military branch.

A private (E-1) with less than two years of experience earns $1,733 each month. It applies to privates entering boot camp for the first time. It seems low, but the following benefits let you save more money:

  • Free or subsidized housing
  • Free healthcare
  • Subsidized food items
  • Gym equipment access

As a civilian, you’ll pay for these in full. However, becoming part of the Marine Corps makes these free or heavily subsidized. You’ll earn and save more money as you gain experience and rise through the ranks.

  1. Retirement

When enlisting in the Marines, most people won’t turn it into their careers. Change that mindset since it helps secure your family’s future. The same principle applies to every military branch.

For instance, you serve on active duty for two decades. Retiring the day after that means receiving a check each month until the end of your days. The pay depends on these factors:

  • Length of service
  • Rank achieved
  • Active or reserve duty

For example, a Marine with 30 years of service retiring as an E-7 gets over $4,000 each month. It increases as years pass to compensate for inflation. Imagine the amount of money you’ll receive after ten years.

The bottom line: serving as a Marine for two decades guarantees your family’s future for as long as you live.

Consider Joining the Marines!

Why join the marines? These are some of the most compelling reasons to take the plunge. The healthcare, pay, and retirement benefits make all the efforts worth your while.

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