Emails are one of the most effective ways to communicate in an office setting. They maintain official records and are a convenient instrument to deal with clients. Email marketing has been in existence for quite some time and is growing by leaps and bounds. But your email marketing campaigns will only be effective if you register an increase in email open rate. Here are 3 strategies to improve your email open rate.

Keep your email list fresh

Are your subscribers actively engaging with your emails? If not, then you should consider refreshing your subscribers’ list to increase email open rate. First, remove inactive members i.e. those subscribers who haven’t engaged with your emails for the last 6 months. Second, remove those who have changed their email accounts. Also, take out those people who are no longer interested in dealing with your brand. You can try to re-engage your inactive subscribers by starting a “win back email” campaign but if they show no interest, consider withdrawing their names from your subscribers’ list.

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Segment your list

A prominent strategy to improve your email open rate is to segment your subscribers’ list. You should begin by putting different tags to different customers. This can be based on the following parameters:

  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Purchase pattern
  • Favorite products
  • Wishlists

Segmenting your subscribers on these lines will help you write impactful messages. Such messages will entice your subscribers and will ultimately increase your email open rate. 

Time your emails well

Sending your emails at the right time is an important factor that ultimately increases the email open rate. For this, you need to study your audiences well. You should know when most of them prefer opening emails. A/B testing is the best way to do so. It has usually been seen that people open hobby-related content before work hours and work-related content during work hours. According to MailChimp’s data, the best time to send emails is weekdays. You should take different parameters into consideration and time your emails perfectly.

The three strategies discussed above will certainly help you improve email open rate. But don’t feel low if you don’t find an immediate improvement. Always remember, good things take time. 

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