What essential features do you look for in a CRM?

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Hello folks,
I'm currently beta testing my CRM. I plan to keep it lightweight and avoid feature clutter.

Current features include:

  • Lead Management – Lead creation manually, through csv or from a website
  • Team members – Can add team members and the leads or tasks are auto-assigned based on their current workload
  • Follow Ups – Add comments about a lead/contact, can filter the most relevant or most recent or starred comments
  • 6 inbuilt categories plus ability to add other categories depending on user's workflow
  • Email management – Ability to access, send and track email in the CRM can connect to Gmail, Mailgun
  • Invoices and quotations – Generate invoices and quotations for converted leads or prospects

What I intend to add:

  • Web traffic analytics
  • Landing page creator
  • Integration with more services – accounting, maybe a payments service like Stripe, Paypal
  • Ability to get leads from FB and Google ads, maybe a Whatsapp integration too.

If you were to use a CRM for free, would these features make it an attractive proposition? What would you suggest I add or remove from this list?

Also, you would ask why would I want to start a CRM when there are so many options available? I was stuck in India due to Covid-19, I work in the US as a full time employee. A few of my friends in India had problems in connecting with their prospective customers and tracking them, sending quotes, etc. So I built a simple solution for them, there was some interest from others too, so decided to build something better. If it works out, good enough, if not I will have something for my resume.

Thanks in advance!

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