Anyone have an affiliate code for Dubsado?

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Or any affiliate codes, I'm still in the market. I'm soon launching my first business, but it's part time and it's only me. I found that the free version of Hubspot gives me everything I need, but because it's free, there's no customer support, and I don't want to get wrapped up in a CRM and pay $45/mo just to ask a question if something goes wrong, as I don't expect to earn much, at least not in the beginning. It's hard to find a true plan that you can grow into.
Dubsado told me they have a pool of customers in a beta program for a "lite" version, but they haven't put out a beta version yet.

I recently purchased a service through someone who uses Honeybook, which I was planning to use. But it was an awful experience at checkout. And when I shared my concerns to customer support, they were dismissed.

Affiliate codes + advice is appreciated for this newbie.

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