CRM for events (which also integrates with Office 365 & Quickbooks)

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Hi, I run a mountaineering business (my strength lies more in guiding than in admin) and currently, we get enquiries for set courses and also bespoke bookings. We don't offer buy now functionality on our website, as all of our bookings require some dialogue first.

As it stands, once a client has enquired, I then find a guide for those dates (the guides work on a self-employed basis). I then issue an invoice via Quickbooks and the client pays by bank transfer. Once they've paid, I then notify the guide and put the event on an Outlook Calendar. The client also submits a booking form (Gravity Form on our WP Website).

Then, 7 days before the booking, I send the guide a link to the client's booking forms (stored in One Drive).

After the event, I then send the client an email to ask them for feedback. I also pay the guide once they've submitted their invoice.

In theory, it sounds all quite straight forward (well, to me, anyway), but it feels far too manual and time-consuming. My inbox is a pretty busy place, with often 40-80 emails in at various stages, which I use the categories function in Outlook, so at least they are colour coded.

I thought about trying to automate things using Power Automate, but I think we might be better off using a CRM for most of this, but I have next to no experience of CRMs. Can anyone recommend anything, please?

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