{Event Update} Understanding about Microsoft Dynamics CRM in my college

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It always feels great when you are not only able to write down what you want to communicate but are also able to go to various forums to tell about what you are doing and gain about experiences. CRM just gave me that chance.

I went to my college in heart of India during my trip there and shared experiences about not only Dynamics CRM but also about blogging.

I did learn a lot from this young minds. They are talented and Industry has shortage of skills, so more initiatives like this can bridge the gap for industry.

New Products or Apps to be made, this are among the brightest talent pool out there who have lot more enthusiasm and vigour than lot of people I have seen in the industry.


Me in a very animated mode trying to answer why Customer relationship management is needed?


I also did talk about Blogging a bit:


At the end,  received a trophy for memories.


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

In case you want me to come and talk in your forum on CRM, Microsoft technologies or blogging, just leave a response. I am always in for such interactive sessions.