Education micro-credential business B2C looking for CRM recommendations

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I am a new Customer Success Manager for a higher education for-profit B2C in the micro-credential and re-skill/up-skill business. I am looking to implement a CRM that will work well with our Google suite of apps, MailChimp, and (although not necessary) Canvas LMS and/or Catalog.

We're at the early stages in the business lifecycle with a small team. Since we're primarily B2C focused, I think it's important that whichever CRM is used has some slick automation/communication triggers for website analytics but I'd also like practical features like live chat logging, and easy integration with the usual Google suite of apps. The ability to push our SMS messages might also be pretty nice for our customers.

I've been researching CRM's such as Freshworks, Copper, Zendesk, Salesforce Essentials, and Insightly.

Wondering what others are using or any solid recommendations?

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