How to Get the CRM System of Your Dreams at a Price You Can Afford

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crm software for small business CRMPlus365For companies with big budgets, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are often the CRM of choice. But many smaller businesses simply can’t justify the expense.  So how can you get the CRM system of your dreams at a price you can afford?

The answer is CRMPlus365 from P2 Automation.

CRMPlus365 is a highly customizable, affordable CRM system built on the same technology as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Think of it as a cloud-based “mini” Dynamics 365 at a fraction of the price. It has the same look and feel as Dynamics 365 and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, but without the complexity that most small businesses do not need.

Migrating to CRMPlus365

We customize each CRMPlus365 system individually to fit our customers’ specific needs. If you already have a CRM we’ll use it as a “blueprint” for your new system. We’ll then go through our standard discovery process to find out how you work today, what functions you need, and what data you want to track. We’ll come up with a design plan that will meet all your needs.

We can make the screens match the fields and drop-down lists you are used to seeing in your current system. Familiarity will help your team adapt to the new system and expedite data migration.

Data Migration

If you migrate from another CRM system like SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can give you an accurate migration quote. We’ll migrate your data after hours so we don’t impact your business. You’ll start fresh Monday morning with your new system.

When our team is done, you will have a fully custom CRM system that is easy to learn and easy to use. Every month after that, you’ll see the financial savings. You can use that savings to fund other functionality that your team will actually use, or put it in your pocket!

If you are using SalesForce CRM or Dynamics 365 now, let’s talk about getting you the CRM system of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Contact our CRMPlus365 experts at P2 Automation today.

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