Expanding scope of business and field productivity using geo-analysis & locational intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps

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Expanding scope of business and field productivity using geo-analysis

Maplytics has been one of the pioneers that saw the curve of data analysis and intelligence moving towards the geographic domains and jumped at the opportunity because of its potential. Today, we proudly sit in the Microsoft AppSource arena with a 5-star review and a Preferred Solution badge because we spent countless hours pinpointing the challenges and pitfalls of industry challenges to create a solution that overcomes each of those challenges.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting and latest features of Maplytics that help users that want to take the reins of productivity into their own hands and move their organization to a leadership position.

#1: Automated Creation of Territories for Smart Distribution of Workload

Sales is the blood bank for every company. So treating it as a priority is important for every organization. With Maplytics Territory Management, managers can make sure that no sale is ever overlooked, neglected, or addressed inadequately.

Territory Management allows managers to auto-create instant territories that smartly distribute the workload between their field reps. Even workload distribution results in no burdened field reps and an assured chance at improved deal closings. Managers can also easily manipulate the territories themselves by editing, moving, or copying territories with a few clicks.

Maplytics is all about user convenience, so it gives managers the provisions to save their under-progress territories as a draft territory so they never have to stop working on priority tasks because of any reworks on the current territory.

#2: Smart Roadmaps for Flawless Field Operations with Advanced Auto Scheduling

With the constant stream of field visits an agent has to attend, there is no room for any wastage of time or energy. Maplytics offers an antidote to wasted time with its Advanced Auto Scheduling feature that creates a schedule for multiple users with optimized routes automatically directly on the map.

An optimized roadmap for the entire day helps field reps to always reach on time for their meetings and make the most of their work hours. This also ensures that a minimum number of meetings are delivered by a field rep every day. Overall, Auto Scheduling changes the game for field productivity and moves it to the next level.

#3: PCF Control with Detail Map Control for Dataset

Time is money in the corporate world. Maplytics is built to seek ways to cut down the time it takes a user to perform the desired action. With the PCF control of Detail Map, users can do their useful mapping-related activities without switching to any specific mapping screens.

PCF Controls allows users to add these controls to any entity or dashboard for visualizing all the records of view, sub-grid or dashboard. This enables users to stay on their current screen and quickly perform mapping activities without hassle.

With Detail map control the user can perform these Maplytics features:

Plot entity records

Plot categorized data

Proximity search

POI locations


#4: Special Dedicated Routes with Truck Routing

Trucks need to follow a special route for delivery as mandated by the governmental rules. However, finding the correct routes and mapping them according to the different points of delivery on the map in real-time can be a big challenge. This challenge can be overcome easily with Truck Routing in Maplytics.

With a special Truck Routing mode, users can follow the most accurate route that is the safest for trucks and can also avoid hefty fines. These routes are also optimized for charting the most time and fuel-effective roadmap to each destination on the map. This means timely deliveries and an overall hassle-free delivery experience for the managers, agents, as well as clients.

#5: Business Altering Data Insights with Multi-Category Data Visualization

Combining different aspects of your CRM data to visualize it on the map can result in data insights that can be used to make high-impact business decisions. For data-driven decisions, Maplytics allows users to select three categories for a single entity. If an Account entity is selected, users can choose upto three categories. Users can also assign different pushpins to different categories. When the data is plotted on the map, there will be an overlap of these pushpins to create the final visualization.

#6: Associate Records to Define and Simplify Relationships

Users can associate the required records with the plotted record(s) on the map and create a relationship between them. They can then choose the relationship between them that they want to associate with the records. Once this is defined, the default records will be selected according to the record from which the map was opened.

#7: Get Instant Results with POI Locations Search using Keywords

This is an enhancement that will save time and increase quick accessibility to the Points Of Interest that the user wants to find. When a user is looking for their Point of Interest locations on the map, they can enter their required POI directly in the search bar to locate it in an instant.

#8: Maintain and Manage Accessibility with Security Templates

Maplytics treats access to its features within an organization as a resource. So it gives System admins and Maplytics admins the ability to maintain control over this resource for their teams.

With Maplytics Security Templates, admins provide selective access of Maplytics actions to Maplytics users as per their respective requirements. With the latest update, admins can grant or deny selective access to multiple users or teams at once using ‘Manage Users. This saves time and effort by allowing the ability to manage access in bulk.

We are always coming up with enhancements and feature improvements to maintain the pioneering spirit for data analysis and field productivity. To get the most out of our solutions, you can first try a 15 day trial from our website or even from Microsoft AppSource. In the case of custom use cases, feel free to email us at crm@inogic.com.

Until the next time – Stay safe and stay ahead of the curve!