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Looking for career advice.

I have been working in analytics and CRM area for last 10 years, my last position is CRM Director in middle sized retail bank in European country. I got a lot of experience in analytical CRM cases design, customer engagement & portfolio management, next best action and so on. Also I worked a lot with CRM technology development as business side product owner. I can design business architecture for CRM systems, but not the technical one. My CV contains rich list of projects with proper added value numbers.

I am planning to move US in next couple of years and think about possible career paths there. I did some initial research on the CRM job topic in US and it seemed that it can be quite difficult to find managerial work in the area (cultural difference, language knowledge…), also my dream is to live in Colorado/Utah and it's far away from financial centers.

What can be my next steps to prepare for job hunt in US? Should I try to dig into technical stuff for SalesForce\Adobe?

Also I am available on some experience exchange. If anybody is interesting your questions are welcomed.

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