Failed to process metadata description. We ran into a problem publishing the form. Please try again while publishing the form in Dynamics 365

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While trying to publish the case form we got the below error –

Error: We ran into a problem publishing the form. Please try again. (SessionID: a000b750-91e2-11eb-9fd2-8fd31814d5b2)

Adding/removing components, refreshing the form multiple times, etc. didn’t help, and we kept getting the error.

Eventually, we switched to classic to make the required changes. There also we got the same error.

However here we got the option to download the log file.

The exception message was –

Failed to process metadata description – Name : Entity Key

An item with the same key has already been added.

As we got the error while trying to add the subgrid, we renamed the subgrid which we were trying to add

Saving the change i.e. new Name and publishing the form this worked successfully.

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Hope it helps..