CRM for a self-employed person who doesn’t want to update their CRM?

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Hi all, I was wondering if you could recommend me one. I'm self-employed as a consultant and write novels in my spare time, and need to maintain professional networks for both of these things. My goals are to keep track of all my contacts in one place (who are currently spread across 2 emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), get reminders to keep in touch with them, and to track which connections and activities lead to good clients and publications. I already have software for invoicing and time tracking (Quickbooks) and project management (Asana), which I'm happy with.

Need to have:

-As much integration and automation as possible. The ability to scrape my email and social media accounts for contacts' phone numbers and other info contained in their signatures and bios would be amazing. I'm intrigued by Twitter applications which include tracking your contacts' interactions and logging their likes and interests.

-Simple, intuitive interface and easy to customize. I've tried Zoho and Hubspot but found them too overwhelming to use. Would be willing to try again if I felt they really were the best option and had more support setting them up.

-The ability to turn off annoying features.

Nice to have:

-Free or low-cost, especially since I'm probably going to end up needing two accounts, one for business use and one for writing/publishing.

-Personalized onboarding support. I'm normally good with new software but I swear CRMs make me feel like a T. rex whapping at a keyboard with my little dinosaur hands. I'm aware this probably won't come with a free or low-cost option, but thought I'd put it out there.

I'd like to spend less than $10 a month and fewer than 30 minutes a week on a CRM. Is this possible? Thanks!

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