Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Insights, Session 6: Sales

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Welcome back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) training insights series. In our sixth session, we will be providing training insights on product management for D365 Finance & Operations. We will cover the audience, content, timing, and nature of this training, how to approach it, and finish with a quick tip. You can see the full article series here.

Sales is one of the broadest functional areas within D365. It is used by a large number of employees. Since sales are the bloodline of any company, training is important. Typical roles under this function are sales managers, sales associates, and customer service representatives. Some of these users reside in the office while others may be out on the field. In addition, sales staff may include external people and entities such as external salespeople or outsourced customer service services.

This training covers customer management, sales price and discounts, sales agreements, sales order lifecycle management from sales order creation to shipment, and customer returns.

Sales training can start after the foundational training. The core team can be trained upfront to setup D365. The larger audience will then need to be trained gradually throughout the project as they get exposed to sales-related functions.