Dynamics Portals – Using SSL Certificates and Custom Domains – Part 1: Generate Certificate Request

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Step by Step – Generating CSR – Certificate Signing Request

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Hello team,

This week I have been working with Certificates a LOT, and let me tell you, it’s a world on its own, I always had a lot of respect for the people that work on that field, now my respect is even greater!

As we are approaching our go-live date in my current project one of the things that we had left was to request an SSL Certificate for the Dynamics 365 Portal that we created.

If you don’t know what an SSL Certificate is or why do you need it, have a look at this website, I found it very useful:

What are SSL Certificates and who needs them

Your Dynamics Portal already has a certificate which makes it https:// however the one that is using is the wildcard one for all Azure Websites. If like myself, you have a different domain that you want to use, you…

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